Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Wedding Planning - Setting the date

Setting a Wedding Date
As I mentioned in my previous post it's been an eventful year, which included me getting married. Planning a wedding takes time and can be stressful and full of arguments, I thought that over the next few posts I would share with you some of my tips for planning your big day.

So you've just got engaged and told all your family and friends but what next? After the questioning about the proposal the next favourite question seemed to be have you set a date? The chances are that unless you have planned your big day before announcing your engagement that you have no idea of the date yet.

In order to set the date you need to decide when you want to get married. Ignore the timings on all wedding countdowns you see, this is your day and the length of the engagement is down to you, everything will get done no matter how long or short your time frame is. At this stage I would advise against deciding on an actual date but rather a timing in which you want to get married. Here are a few questions you might want to consider when choosing the date.

  • Is the time of year important to you? Have you always dreamt of an outdoor summer wedding or a cosy winter one? 
  • How quickly do you want to get married? Is it a case of there's no point in hanging around so as soon as possible? Are you looking to save up so want to wait a couple of years?
  • Are there events that might affect when you can get married? Is your best friend getting married and you don't want to steal their thunder? Is your sister abroad expecting a baby so unable to travel to be there?
  • Are your family putting pressure on you to set the date or to choose specific date/time of year?
  • Do you mind what day of the week you get married? Do you want it at the weekend so no one has to worry about missing work? Or are you working to a budget and would rather go with midweek when it's cheaper?
Once you have answered all of these you should have a better idea of a when you want to get married.
Now that you know when you can get married you need to start thinking of other factors, do you want a specific venue, caterer or band? If so when are they available? And do the dates match?

For us we were influenced by a few external factors, whilst we wanted to get married as soon as possible my parents had planned to go away for 10 weeks a month after we got engaged, plus my future brother in law who lives overseas was expecting a baby in April, these factors combined meant we ruled out spring. Then for religious reasons we couldn't have the wedding until June at the earliest, July was again out for religious reasons so we narrowed it down to a Sunday in June or August. In the end we were only able to get our favourite venue on one date, that made the decision for us.

Are you trying to fix a date, or have you recently done so? What made you choose your date? Did you have factors influencing your choice of wedding date? If so I would love to hear your stories.

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