Friday, 23 May 2014

I'm Buying a House!

Sorry I've been a bit quiet recently, it has been a mad few weeks.

I've been thinking about up-sizing from my flat which I love to a house for a while. Just over two months ago I decided to start to look at properties, I had been getting online alerts for several months but had not done any viewings. It was time to start looking, there were not that many properties on the market in my chosen area but I managed to line up three to view in one day. I was not expecting much, just to get a feel really of what was one the market, I certainly did not expect to fall for one of the houses, but as much as I tried to resist it in my mind that is indeed what happened! Using the excuse of no off street parking I tried to put the house out of my mind. However over the next few weeks as I saw other houses I found myself continually comparing back to the first house. I ended up putting an offer in and it was accepted, however there were other offers on the table, the competition for houses in the area is crazy and it is not unusual to go to a contract race, luckily with my finances in place I was able to move fast, so much so that a week after I had my offer accepted I exchanged!

I had never expected two months ago when I started looking that I would be actually be buying a house that fast. I haven't yet completed, but that is a story in itself, basically the vendor had put a drive in without permission and had to revert it back to the original, he has done this but the council has not yet signed it off. We are now past the expected completion date but as soon as the consent comes through we will do so, fingers crossed it will happen soon! Luckily I wasn't in a chain, my flat needed a lot of sorting out and tidying doing before I was ready to put in only market, which I have only done this week.

Now though the excitement begins, I can start to think about where all my furniture will go and if I need to buy anything new.

I also have to start getting all my paperwork for my flat in place so that I can pass it onto my solicitor, this really isn't my strong point I have papers all over the place.

There is so much to do but I will try to put a few tips together over the next few weeks to help others too.

How long did it take you to buy a house? and What are your tips for preparing to move house?

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