Thursday, 13 February 2014

An Outfit for a Saturday Night in the Pub

I never know what to wear on a Saturday night out, do I go casual or should I dress it up? I had this dilemma once again when a group of us were going out to a pub in Kilburn, North London for a friend's birthday. The fact that the pub has a dance floor later in the evening made matters harder, as did it make it more dressy?

In the end I decided to dress up a bit and settled on this outfit (sorry about the poor quality photos) which I think is dressy without being over the top.

The top is one I've had for a few years and is from Marks and Spencer, I love this top even if it is in need of a bit of a repair. The lace and chiffon make me feel like I am making an effort and give an outfit a dressier feel. The jeans you may recognise as being my True Religion ones as worn a few weeks ago to the Sunday Tea Party. This time however I teamed them with the high Dune ankle boots I wore on New Year's Eve rather than knee high boots. Although I'm not the slimmest or the tallest I think I can just about get away with a short top, skinny jeans and ankle boots, at least I hope I can as this is a bit of a favourite look at the moment!

What would you wear to a pub or bar on a Saturday night?