Tuesday, 28 January 2014

An Outfit for a Sunday Tea Party

On Sunday a couple of my friends were celebrating their 40th birthdays with a tea party at one of their flats. When I say tea party this wasn't just a few friends over for tea and cake but a rather larger affair with at least 50 people dropping by over the course of the afternoon, I knew my friends would go to a lot of effort with the food, homemade cakes, scones and sandwiches galore! My dilemma was what to wear? Being a Sunday afternoon I didn't want anything too dressy but I wanted to make a bit of an effort whilst keeping it casual. Several male friends were going and although unlikely there was a chance there might have been some new eligible men there too, so I needed to look good.
An Outfit for Sunday Afternoon Tea Party - Skinny Jeans, Jumper & Knee High Boots

After some discussion with my flatmate I settled on this outfit consisting of skinny jeans with a jumper and knee high boots.

An Outfit for Afternoon Tea Party - Knee High Boots

The jeans are True Religion Halle Luxe Midnight Blue and were a recent purchase from Secret Sales for only£65 a bargain when you consider these jeans are normally well over £100 even in the sales! I really like the fit and the material which is a cotton, polyester and elastane mix to give them a bit of a stretch. I teamed the jeans with this Angora mix jumper from the Marks and Spencers Indigo range, the lace at the top adds some glamour whilst the colour and the feel are very wintery, ideal for a cold gloomy day. I finished my outfit off with an old pair of black knee high boots to give me some height and to create a sexy look.

 True Religion Halle Luxe Jeans From Secret Sales
True Religion Halle Luxe Jeans

 Marks & Spencers Indigo Range
Marks & Spencers Angora Mix Top 

So that's what I wore for the party, what would you choose to wear for a Sunday afternoon tea party?

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