Friday, 3 January 2014

A Bit of Sparkle for New Year's Eve

I always find New Year's Eve to be overrated, and resent paying double to go to the same club that I could go to on a regular Saturday night. Over the last few years I have either been away or had a few friends over for the evening. This year though a few friends wanted to go out so after much discussion and emails back and forth we decided to go to a comedy evening in Covent Garden (Central London). The evening sounded fun and value for money with food, comedy and music and if we were lucky we might even be able to see the fireworks at midnight. So next came the question of what to wear? Whilst I wanted to dress up I didn't want anything too dressy, in the end I opted for some old favourites!

New Year's Eve Outfit

I love this black chiffon blouse top from Marks & Spencer. I'm a big fan of M&S and often get complimented on clothes I have bought there, when people ask where an item is from they never expect the answer to be M&S. This top like most of the items I buy from them isn't their typical style, it's dressy and I hope sexy without flaunting it. The top is see through, after some deliberation I decided I wasn't brave enough to show my bra so wore a black vest under it. I teamed the top with my trusted navy skinny jeans (Old Navy) the colour added a bit of a contrast to the outfit and I couldn't find my black jeans anyway (they must be in the wash). I finished the outfit off with high grey boots a sale purchase from Dune last winter, I love these as they give me the extra height but are soft and comfy to walk in, a lilac skinny belt from LK Bennett again a sale purchase. No New Year's Eve outfit would be complete without a bit of sparkle, this came from an old sparkly necklace, maybe from Accessorize and a Cubic Zirconia bracelet that I got a few years ago at a charity sale from Travel Diamonds both of which added some much needed bling.

To finish the look off I tried to curl my hair a bit, though as you can see from the pictures (taken when I got home) it didn't really work I'm not sure why as it does usually, I must of used different product!

New Year's Eve Outfit

As for the evening itself it was fun though disorganised, overbooked and slightly missold, there was no live music or magian and the buffet turned into a plate of food, one of my friends though managed to get the organiser to agree that he would pay for us all to have a main course, so we were happy. To make matters worse the organiser had left the comedians deal with unhappy customers, not their job! I'm no comedy expert but I enjoyed most of the comedians and didn't mind that some were late as it gave us time to chat. Just before midnight as the headline act hadn't arrived yet a few of us decided to pop out to see if we could see the fireworks. As it was late and there were so many people around we couldn't get close to the river so all I saw were some reflections in buildings, but it was fun and there was a great atmosphere in town.

London's New Year's Eve Fireworks

All in all it was a good evening and despite having spent New Year's Eve in New York, Sydney and various other places it was my the first one in Central London I would happily go again another year. 

So that was my New Year's Eve, what did you do and more importantly what did you wear?

For now though Happy New Year!

pleated poppy

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