Monday, 9 December 2013

Why Manchester United

Manchester United Logo - Tunnel Old Trafford

Ok so I’m from London but support Manchester United, am I a plastic fan and a glory hunter? Some would probably say so but I don’t consider myself to be. So how did I come to support a team 200 miles from home? Growing up football was never massive at home, my brother would say he supported Spurs but I think that was because my uncle and cousin were massive fans and he would occasionally go with to matches.  We would sometimes watch final score, Match of the Day and the odd match, and my brother had football books and stickers that I would look at, but that was about it.

As I entered my teens I became more aware of footballers but more as pin-ups than players! Then in 1996 I had the opportunity to go to Wembley to see England v’s Netherlands in Euro ’96, I think my brother was pretty jealous, but I was glad he was unable to go as I got the ticket. And what a game it was we won 4-1.

From then on my enjoyment of football grew, and I went with friends to a few Bournemouth and Barnet matches, and I would watch the big matches on TV. Although I was not the fan of any particular club Manchester United was always in the back of my mind. Whether I became aware of them through their poster boys of Lee Sharpe, Ryan Giggs and David Beckham or the story of the class of 92 (who were around the same age as me), or my mum talking about the legends of the past I’m still not sure. Maybe it was my affinity to Manchester, its where my mum was born and where I spent 3 great years at uni. For years I have been aware of where United were in the league, who their players were etc, then with the arrival of Twitter I started following various footballers, all of whom by coincidence played for United either at the time or in the past. I believe this is when I properly started to became a fan. Since then I have visited Old Trafford and even met Sir Alex (more about those another time)!
Old Trafford

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