Sunday, 17 November 2013

Welcome to Jo's Jottings

I've been thinking for a while about writing my own personal blog, so here it is! I hope Jo's jottings will be a mix of my thoughts, experiences and things I like.

So who am I? Well I'm a 30 something single girl from North London. I used to work in publishing but now I have my own business, more about that another time!

I enjoy travelling albeit with an element of luxury! And have recently visited Alaska, New York, Thailand, Myanmar and Manchester.

I have never thought of myself as sporty but about 8 years ago I took up skiing having hated it as a child I now love it! Also in the last 18 months I have started running and do yoga weekly, and whilst I wouldn't yet say I love either I am actually enjoying both, and am now hoping to do a 10k run soon.

I love watching sport, the London Olympics and Paralympics were great as they gave me the chance to watch so much live sport that I would never normally see. This year I returned to the Olympic stadium for the Anniversary Games, went to Wimbledon twice, one of these visits involved queuing from 7 in the morning and have had a couple of trips to Old Trafford. Although I’m from London or some would say because I’m from London I'm a bit of a United fan, Manchester though is in my blood as it’s where my mum’s from and where I studied.

Some might say that I’m a shopaholic – I would say I enjoy shopping. I’m a high street girl though I do love my luxury handbags!

For now that is me, though I am sure more will come out as I write.

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